Loyalty Rewards Program

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Our Loyalty Rewards Program gives you more for less!

Log into your ACCOUNT to start earning Credits.

Earn Credits every time you shop with us!

Earn Credits for different actions...
Follow us on Instagram.
Celebrate a Birthday.
Like us on Facebook.
Share on Facebook.
Write a Review.
Upload a Photo.

Redeem your Credits for Rewards...
Discount Vouchers.

(Credits are not earned on VAT or shipping costs)


Credits will be rewarded to your account when the referral friend uses the link sent to them from your referral account and makes a qualifying first purchase where they will also earn Credits for being referred.


How do I view my Credits?
You must be signed in to your ACCOUNT to view your rewards.
The pop up rewards area will initially show the Credits earned. 

Select the Earn Credits button to see how you can earn more points.
Select the Redeem Credits button to view the Rewards you can redeem. 

How do I Redeem my Credits?
Once you have enough Credits you'll be awarded with a code to use during checkout.
You can start redeeming Credits once you reach 100 Credits.

Do Credits expire?
Credits have no expiration date, but Deflector DC reserves the right to change the Loyalty & Rewards program at any time without notice.

Can I earn Credits for past purchases?
The Loyalty & Rewards program launched on June 1st 2022.
Only purchases made from this date are eligible to earn Credits.