Display Case Assembly Guide

Folding Cases

The following steps are important and need to be followed to assemble your new display case correctly and ensure you have the best experience.

1. Preparation

  • Dust free environment
  • Clean, flat surface
  • Ruler or similar long flat edged tool
  • Clean hands

2. Sizing up

  • Place the new display case on the surface
  • Do not remove the protective film
  • Place the product on top 
  • Make sure the product fits the Display Case outline
  • You can't return mistakenly ordered assembled Display Cases

3. Folding 

  • Keep the display case on a flat surface where possible
  • Place the ruler along the joints or fold lines where possible
  • Do not rush the next step and take care not to stress the plastic
  • Fold the plastic first backwards and then forwards with both hands where possible, using equal pressure while holding the ruler in place against the fold line (see photos below)
  • Gently fold the plastic at the closest points to the fold line only, otherwise you could damage the display case 
  • Repeat these steps using the ruler where possible
  • The thicker & stronger the plastic, the more care is needed when folding 

4. Assembly 

  • Once all of external edges are folded, place one hand inside the display case, one hand on the outside. (Important to have clean hands)
  • Fold the edges using equal pressure at the closest points to the fold lines  and ensure the edges of the display case are now at right angles to look like a box shape
  • Fold the top and bottom flaps into the display case
  • Now remove the protective film
  • Place the product inside the display case and secure with the locking tabs.

Prior to dispatch, we check every display case for defects and damage.

When assembled correctly, the display cases will not damage and will display your products beautifully.

We can only replace damaged display cases that have evidence of being damaged during shipping, not while assembling.

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