Our Display Cases

DEFLECTOR DC® Display Cases are designed to help you display and protect your cherished collectibles. This means protecting them from the damage that handling, shelf wear, knocks or light can cause. From time to time customers ask us about the design and damage prevention. We thought it would be helpful to share a short article on the subject.

The vast majority of damage that occurs to collectables is due to relative humidity and heat. High humidity causes mould, delamination and warpage. Low humidity causes embrittlement and shrinkage. Paper/cardboard and plastics shrink/expand at different rates causing bubbles to loosen on carded figures. Significant fluctuations in temperature also degrades plastic, a chemical change causing yellowing that is common in figure bubbles. 

Collectibles on display should always be kept indoors, out of sunlight, at room temperature with stable relative humidity and low power lighting. 

The display case material is chosen for its composition, strength and visible light transmission. The material will block UV wavelengths under 320 nm (UVC/UVB) and has up to 99%+ ultraviolet resistance. Our display cases are designed for indoor use and normal indoor lighting.

ARCHIVAL QUALITY PET is an inert material, acid free, has a high tensile strength, crystal clear, UV resistant, will not break down over time, is resistant to high temperatures and has a protective film, proving it to be the perfect choice for long-term protection. 

FOLDING DISPLAY CASES are manufactured using PREMIUM UV resistant, acid free material or DELUXE UV resistant (99%+), scratch resistant, acid free material. 400µm to 600µm material thickness. Practically invisible when on the collectable and an extremely close fit to hold the shape of the packaging. There's minimal edge thickness, no visible distortion, folds are rigid and our locking tabs keep the case secure.


UNICASE® BLISTER DISPLAY CASES are manufactured using PREMIUM UV resistant (99%+), impact resistant, acid free material. 800µm material thickness. Two piece assembly, modern dome hang tab, upright standing, wide angle viewing and optimal figure positioning. The locking system is tight, secure and prevents card corner damage or compression. The material is crystal clear (no blue tint), has rigid strength and minimal edging.


ARCHIVAL QUALITY Acrylic is an inert material, acid free, has a high tensile strength, optically clear and visually colourless, UV resistant with the use of UV stabilisers, impact resistant, and is highly resistant to variations in temperature, proving it to be the perfect choice for long-term protection.

ACRYLIC DISPLAY CASES are manufactured using PREMIUM UV resistant (99%+), acid free material. 3000µm material thickness. Compact to the size of the displayed collectable with a unique one piece frame to gently hold carded figures in place for protection and enhanced visibility, flame-polished rounded edges for clear viewing from all sides and a sliding panel for easy access.

We now hope you'll be confident to make educated display case purchases.