When were you Established?

Deflector Display Cases were invented in 2015.

Do you make your own products?

All of the branded products we sell are our own design, based on in hand collectables and made onsite from our business in Plymouth.

Do you make Custom Cases for customers?

Yes, to make an enquiry use this FORM

Do you have a Trademark?

Deflector DC® was registered in May 2018.

How do I know a product is genuine?

All of our products have a GTIN Barcode with description. 

Do the Display Cases stand up straight?

Yes, our Display Cases stand up straight and Wall Hang with our Integral Hang Tab.

Does the product material offer UV resistance?

Yes, see HERE for more information.

Is the PET material Acid free?

Yes. The terms “inert” and “stable” are used to describe plastics that can be safely used in preservation. Our Folding & Blister Display Cases use Archival Quality PET which is an inert material, proving it to be the perfect choice for long-term protection. 

How do I assemble the Folding Display Cases?

There's an Assembly Guide for you to follow.

How do you share news with Customers?

Facebook for daily info. (Like the page)

Instagram for customer photos. (Follow the page)

email subscription for special events

Do you ship Internationally?

We ship World-Wide from the UK. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout or for we can offer bespoke quotes upon request.