About Us

Our Story: Behind The Brand.

Born through our love of collecting Star Wars action figures, in 2015 we responded to a lack of quality and availability in display products by designing two products for Star Wars The Black Series 6 Inch figures for our personal collection.

We were delighted with the finished product so we created the name Deflector Display Case. Deflector was chosen because of its use in Star Wars! “Deflector” Shields are energy fields that protect ships, structures, and armies from assault - an apt description for our new product that protects figure packaging.

Over the following few years, fellow collectors saw our display cases and expressed an interest for their own collections so we decided to design a few more and make them available to third parties, and this started us thinking What If…?

Fast forward to May 2018 and we registered a trademark for Deflector DC and this was really the catalyst for bringing the brand to life.

The following months involved a lot of research into our mission of providing a wide range of custom designed, premium quality, display cases at affordable prices and our vision of how we can exceed customers expectations by offering the best experience possible.

April 2019 saw the launch of the online store offering a range 150 display cases and within four months we were confident enough to incorporate as a Limited Company.

The distinct Deflector DC logo began to appear with greater regularity throughout the collecting community and is recognised for innovation, quality and service. Offering display solutions for collectables including Action Figures, Vehicles, Play Sets, Comics, Sticker Albums, Vinyl Albums, Cars, Pins etc.

From start to finish, all of our display cases are our own design, based on in hand collectables only and made to our own specifications.

Now, a few years after our grand opening with thanks to the support of our loyal customers, we have multiple selling channels, showcase at Comic Cons, range over 5500 branded display cases, have a large passionate team, a successful reseller program and offer folding, acrylic and blisters display cases to customers world-wide. 

For the future, Deflector DC will continue to meet the needs of our customers and commit to introducing new innovative designs for vintage and current collectables. 

We Have Your Collection Covered.