Mortal Kombat Figure Display Case

Mortal Kombat Figure Display Case

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2019-2020 McFarlane Toys MK 1 Wave 1-3: Baraka, Baraka (Bloody Hokata), Kitana (Battle Kahnum Skin) (Platinum Edition), Johnny Cage (Hollywood Hunk)Kitana (Edenian Blue), Raiden (White Hot Fury), Raiden (Merciless Guardian), Spawn (Signed), Scorpion, Spawn (Blood Feud Hunter), Spawn (with Axe), Spawn (with Mace), Spawn (with Sword), Sub-Zero (Frozen Over), Sub-Zero.

  • Manufactured by DEFLECTOR DC® using ARCHIVAL QUALITY PET.
  • Designed to fit perfectly, protect from damage, shelf wear and warpage.
  • PREMIUM UV resistant and acid free material.
  • Foldable with locking tabs to keep the case rigid, secure and dust free.
  • Crystal clear, lightweight, shatterproof and impact resistant with protective film.
  • Pre-assembled, delivered flat packed, recyclable and environmentally sustainable.

ATTENTION: This listing is for one empty display case and does not include the collectible pictured or described.