Marvel Legends Series Spider - Man vs Carnage Figure

Marvel Legends Spider-Man VHS Collection Display Case

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2023-2024 Spider-Man vs Carnage, Green Goblin & Mary Jane Watson, Doc Ock & Aunt May, Smythe vs Peter Parker, Daredevil Vs Hydro-Man, Doctor Strange & Morbius.

  • Manufactured by DEFLECTOR DC® using ARCHIVAL QUALITY PET.
  • Designed to fit perfectly, protect from damage, shelf wear and warpage.
  • PREMIUM UV resistant and acid free material.
  • Foldable with locking tabs to keep the case rigid, secure and dust free.
  • Crystal clear, lightweight, shatterproof and impact resistant with protective film.
  • Pre-assembled, delivered flat packed, recyclable and environmentally sustainable.

ATTENTION: This listing is for one empty display case and does not include the collectible pictured or described.