As an industry leader in Display Case design and production we continue to innovate to bring the best in Display Solutions for Toys and Collectibles.

The ability to adapt each design with essential adjustments ensures a truly unique Display Case which is made on-demand whether purchased direct from the Online Store or Custom Order.

The INTEGRAL CARD HOLDER supports the card in an upright position. Whether you have carded figures or boxes with card sections, the ICH is adjusted to fit each product perfectly. Simply fold into a right angle while assembling the Display Case. The ICH supports the card rather than applying any pressure and the rounded corners prevent any damage. A highly functional addition, further enhancing the quality and appearance of the Display Case.

The INTEGRAL HANG TAB design allows the Display Case to wall hang and have a top locking tab, which is a market first. The IHT has high tensile strength with a universal hanging slot and when not in use can be folded down out of sight.

Both the ICH and IHT are available with DELUXE 600 UV and Scratch Resistant Display Cases on existing and new ranges. ASK FOR DETAILS